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Forbidden Magic
Jennifer Lyon
Wing Slayer Hunters series, eNovella
April 10, 2012
93 pages/eBook
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5/5 Books

Wing Slayer Hunter, Ram Virtos, must find his soul mirror witch and convince her to mate with him before his Thunderbird tattoo kills him. But while that witch might be able to save Ram’s life, it is the mysterious Ginny Stone who inflames his passion. Ginny has been deeply fascinated by Ram for months, but dared not act on it or she’d be torn from her mortal life on earth and thrust into her dreaded destiny as a half-breed angel. But when her beloved brother’s soul is at stake, she must do the one thing she both fears and desires… Take Ram to her bed.

Author Jenninfer Lyon

About The Author:Jennifer Lyon grew up under the shadow of the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. She attended Walt Disney elementary school and her very first playmate was her beloved dog, Duke, who was cast in the role of hero in all their adventures. Clearly Jen was born to daydream. But it took her years to figure out how to turn her imagination into a career as an author. After marrying and becoming a full time mom to three sons, Jen launched her career with the award winning Samantha Shaw Mystery Series and other romantic mysteries under the name Jennifer Apodaca. Later, she took the name Jennifer Lyon, combined her love of witches, alpha males and sizzling romance into another award winning series, the Wing Slayer Hunters.

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Innovative Online Book Tours HostMy Review:
Not having read the other books in the Wing Slayer Hunter series, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this novella. I knew there’d be the magic and the paranormal elements to the story, along with the passion, but I just didn’t know much about the characters or the author’s writing style. Upon sitting down to read it, I was overwhelmed with the awesomeness of the story line and the characters! Wow! Where the heck have I been??? Jennifer Lyon is amazingly talented!

Ram and Ginny are passionate about each other, wanting only each other. But, that’s not possible for Ginny isn’t Ram’s soul mirror. No, his soul mirror doesn’t even want him. Every time he’s near Ginny, though, Ram can’t help but feel the raging desire within him for more than just friendship. Calling on all he has in him, he tells Ginny that they can’t be friends.

Ginny’s forced to make the decision for him, for she has a deep burning need to be with him in more ways than one. So, when her angel father tells her it’s this way or no way, she plots against Ram, having him go to free witches, knowing that the bloodlust in him will rise to the surface, making him crave passion to over come it,so she’s forced to be there for him. Sealing the deal in heart, and her soul that he will always be the one she chose. I’ll stop there for I don’t give spoilers. Some one is hurting Ginny and Ram is seeing red. Will he be able to stop the pain, and prove himself worthy of her love?

I was instantly captivated from start to finish and had this read in less than a day. I didn’t want to put my Kindle down! Each page turn, brought me further and further into the heart of the story and each zap of shock that Ginny felt from Ram, I felt too. The forbidden magic between these two souls was undeniably incredible, and I am looking forward to going back and adding the first Wing Slayer Hunter novels to my growing TBR list! A 5 Book worthy novella for sure, and one that I recommend to all who love the Angels and magic. Jennifer Lyon did a fantastic job of making this novella in the series both a part of the series and an easy to read stand along that doesn’t confuse the reader. You’ve gained a new fan, Ms. Lyon! :-)

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  1. Andrea

    I keep seeing all my blogs talking about this series and they all seem to love it. I need to try it.

  2. Vickieann

    Since this is a novella I wonder how long we will have to *patiently* wait for the next book. (tapping my foot)

    • Shauni

      Not sure when the next one will come out but it will be about Linc! Just thought I would share what little I knew!

  3. Joanne B

    Thanks for the great review. I can’t wait to read this book to see what happens between Ram and Ginny. Do they get their HEA? I guess I’ll have to read to find out. Book sounds amazing.

  4. Laci C

    sounds like a VERY good read. i am going to have to add this to my TBR pile. which is getting higher and higher. i’m either going to have to stop finding new authors or clone myself to read them all.

  5. wendy

    the first four books had the heroes’ soul mirrors as witches. What made you decide to have Ram’s soul mirror be an angel?

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this e-book!!

  6. Catherine Lee

    What a great review, Molly. I haven’t heard of this series. It sounds like I should check it out.

  7. Sue Sattler

    I read about this book on a blog and had to buy it, but I hate starting a series in the middle, so I will have to wait and read it until I can get the rest of the series. Thanks for the chance to win one of the books.

  8. Ashleigh

    this book looks great, and the review really makes me want to read it even more. Looking at the comments above i see its part of a series and if all the others are as good as this one looks than i will have to buy all of them. Winning this one would be great!

  9. Julianne

    What a beautiful book cover. I haven’t read any of this series, but I would really love too. Thanks for the chance to win.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  10. donnas

    I am reading such great things about this book and series. Looking forward to starting it.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  11. Denise Z

    I have been following the tour tonight and I am right with you Molly, Jennifer Lyon has found a fan in me as well. I am looking forward to reading this series and following your site :)

    • Molly

      Thank you Denise! It’s always great to find a new follower on my site…they become not just followers but friends as well :-) Happy Reading!

  12. jamieHeustess

    Would love to read this series….it would be a new genre for me, and I am all for opening my reading horizons!

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