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17 April, 2012 Book Reviews 12

Darkest Wolf
Rebecca Royce
The Westervelt Wolves, #7
Liquid Silver Books
March 24, 2012
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4/5 Books

Rex Kane has always known he was different than his brothers, down to the fact that when he shifts into his wolf form, his coat is completely black. Always in trouble, he is given one more chance by his brother Tristan, the Alpha of the Westervelt pack, to bring back to their island a witch who can stop some of the magical assault that has plagued their war-torn home. Rex knows he has one last chance to set things right. Everything depends on him and he cannot fail. Elizabeth Willow has been cursed to look so repulsive no human eyes can bear to view her. Raised in a gentle coven of witches, she is ill prepared for the realities of the harsh world she now lives in. Raised to mistrust wolf-shifters as witch-killers, she cannot seem to help being drawn to Rex. Even if she doesn’t believe she is his so-called mate. He can see her as she really is and is the first person to look her in the eyes in years. Although she is not naturally devious, she sees no choice but to use Rex to gain her own freedom and her families’ safety. Together, Rex and Elizabeth will see just how evil the people around them can be. If they can trust their hearts, perhaps they will survive another night. If not, both of their battles will never be won.

Author Rebecca Royce

About The Author:Author Harlow Coban was born in Kansas City, MO, but grew up in Denver, CO. She relocated to North Carolina five years ago with her husband, two dogs, and 16-year old twins. She shares a birthday with the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte. In keeping with his legacy, she is currently working on taking over the world. Harlow’s positive attitude and fresh take on life are her tools and conquest is certain. She spends her free time writing, dancing, traveling and defending mailboxes from her 16-year-old twins’ driving. Her debut novel, LIFE IN DEATH (February 2012), is a murder mystery which pulls from real-life situations from her own family history. She felt compelled to share her story with the world while offering a thrilling, entertaining, and amusing escape for readers. In keeping with her commitment to improving the lives of children, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her book will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club in her home state of North Carolina.

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Goddess Fish PartnerMy Review:
So, not having come into this series until this one-# 7, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, upon sitting down to read, I was quite swept away by the amazing writing of of Ms. Royce! She takes her already developed story line and adds in complex characters that instantly grip the heart of the reader!

Not sure what was going on at first, I will admit, in the beginning I was confused. But, that’s due to the fact that I missed the first 6 books! Pushing forward, however, I overcame any confusion, and went along for the ride. Rex is royalty who has just found the one person who can prove he’s not a traitor to his clan…..but, there’s just one little problem. She’s his mate. And a witch. Knowing witches and wolves don’t normally get along, how is Rex ever going to over come this obstacle? He needs to prove his loyalty to his family, but he can’t deny his wolf their mate.

Elizabeth is a horrendously ugly woman, cursed by the twin witches she’s “baby-sitting”. No one can ever look her in the face and not scream or flinch. So, why then is this handsome, dark wolf-man looking at her as if she was the most beautiful woman on the earth? And,how will she ever convince herself that turning his pack’s secrets into the twin witches in order to free her mother is the right thing to do, especially after he tells her she truly is his mate?

When push comes to shove, Rex will show Elizabeth that they are truly destined at mates. He’ll show her that it’s the beauty within that makes the person, and that it’s destined for him to see her as her true self. But, along the way, Rex will learn things about himself too, and that witches aren’t what they were thought to be. As Rex battles man made wolves, and witches, he’ll prove to his own little witch that he’s perfect for her, in all the ways that matter.

Rebecca Royce is most definitely a superb author! Once I was engrossed in the story, I hung on to every twist and turn and couldn’t wait to reach the end! I am definitely going to be adding the first 6 books in this series to my wishlist. If you love shifter books and all things romance and suspense, look no further than this awesome 4 Book worthy read by a truly amazing author!

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  1. Mary Preston

    I have not begun the “The Westervelt Wolves” series yet. It’s interesting that you jumped in at #7, and even with gaps from the first 6, you could pick up the story & enjoy. That’s great writing.


  2. M. Narkis

    Great review! Good to know it can stand alone pretty well, but if it’s this good, we should probably go back and read the rest. :-)

  3. momjane

    How exciting. This book sound really great. Now I have to find the rest of the books.

  4. Joanne B

    This book sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read it. Great review.


  5. kerry

    I am so putting this series in my wish list I cant wait to read this one but I have to read books 1 through 6 first :)

  6. Sue Sattler

    This book sounds so good, but I have to start at book 1 in a series, I guess I’ll just have to go buy it now. Thanks for the great review.


  7. Julianne

    I’ve had my eye on this book for a little while. I can’t wait to read it.
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